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  • Welded steel frame
  • 0,1 mm. accuracy
  • Automatic displacement of the beam and saw carriage for horizontal and vertical Cuttings, with nr.2 feeding speeds: 12-24 mts/1’.
  • Automatic plunging and returning of saw carriage, with possibility to select the stopping at the end of the cycle or returning to the starting point.

Technical Data


  • Automatic shifting frame to avoid the cutting of the plastic strips during horizontal cuts.
  • Self-braking motor.
  • Bottom aluminum supports with phenolic soles.
  • Lift-up rollers to easily the sliding of the panels.
  • N°2 Stops for vertical cuttings.
  • Short piece cutting device.
  • Sliding support for narrow pieces.

On request is available the version with Electronic positioning system for horiz. cuts


Model available with ECO system

The ECO frame is provided with vertical channels and a dust catcher on the right side, to optimize the dust collection . This model fulfils the current rules about dust pollution, assuring less than 1 mg. per cubic meter, in the work station.


  • Category: Aluminum Division
  • Sub Category: Putsch Meniconi
  • Sub Sub Category: VERTICAL PANEL SAW

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