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Multi-station(max 6) electric press with rotary table featuring an electronic command press system allowing an exact definition of the press characteristics for every mould on the table. The pressing is obtained using ball screws specially constructed. The positions on the table are given by an adjustable cooling system of which three are temporized with electro-valves.

Technical Data


  • Components dimensions 350 x 350 for closed mould 200 x 350 for open mould
  • Moulds weight 80Kg.
  • Positions over the table 6 or 4
  • Can work with 2, 4, 3, 6 moulds
  • Table diameter 1380mm
  • Mould housing diameter 150mm
  • Motor power for rotary table 5.5Kw controlled by inverter
  • Table velocity: adjustable
  • Pressure characteristics 10 t
  • Pressure motor power 4.4Kw
  • Pressure stroke 500mm
  • Feeding speed: 160mm/s
  • Cooling fan: 3 Kw
  • Electric power installed: 15Kw
  • Pneumatic system: 6BAR

The machine is equipped with a scissors unit for glass cutting and with a take out for the extraction of the piece from the mould and the positioning afterwards on the conveyor belt. The scissors unit features three mechanical adjustments regarding its position. The feeding of the cutting unit and the cut is activated by two pneumatic cylinders. Cutting unit feeding: 400mm The take-out (with mechanical and vacuum pliers) has two movements, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal movement is executed by a cylinder without stem and a ball bearing guide, the vertical movement with a ball screw controlled by an electric motor with programmable position control.

Horizontal stroke of cylinder without stem: 750mm.

Vertical stroke ball screw: adjustable. Vertical stroke motor power: take-out 0.4Kw.


  • Category: Aluminum Division
  • Sub Category: Putsch Meniconi
  • Sub Sub Category: HOLLOW GLASS

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