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The glass gathering robot of Putsch-Meniconi has been realized according to the most modern and advanced technologies. In addition to the normal software of the robot, Putsch-Meniconi has developed and realized a special, easy and reliable programming environment. Even less experienced technical personnel can use. Thanks to this programming the robot PMP FS 45N -D42 can work with all types of oven and glass, both with constant or variable level (tank or pot), and execute several programs in succession by changing the weight and the shape of the gob at every single cycle (obviously by using always the same ball diameter). Besides, the glass gathering robot PMP FS 45 N -D42 of Putsch-Meniconi, is capable of controlling every kind of automatic shears unit and applied forming machine.

Technical Data


  • Machine made of cast iron and aluminum with load rod of water cooled steel with feeding through a rotating distributor.
  • Possibility for mounting either on the floor or on the roof using a metallic structure.

CONTROLLOR “D 42 “ Kawasaki:
Equipped with a main CPU with 32 Bit RISK type for guaranteeing extremely quick and accurate processing. The control features a diagnostic and search system for breakdowns, with visualization of error messages on a 6.5” color TFT screen. Programming keypad with membrane keys and 6.5” TFT screen with multiple functions with. TOUCH SCREEN programmable keys.

  • Maximum weight of manipulated glass 10Kg.
  • Idle cycle guaranteed 10 per minute
  • Repeatability +/- 0.15mm
  • Number of axles 6
  • Brushless motor C.A.
  • Encoder position surveying absolute weight of 550Kg.


  • Protection IP 65
  • Processor of 32 BIT RISK type
  • Number of parallel tasks: 5
  • Digital control unit
  • Memory type C-MOS RAM with backup battery
  • Memory 1 MB (4 MB optional)
  • Weight Kg. 250


  • Category: Aluminum Division
  • Sub Category: Putsch Meniconi
  • Sub Sub Category: HOLLOW GLASS

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