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Utilized for joint opening and cutting operations of composite panels and plates.

  • Composite plate fixation and super quality of processing with strong vacuum pumping
  • Tool changing magazine: with 4 pieces of air cooled spindle motor capacity, independent of each another 
  • Particularity to replace the tool at 2.5 seconds,
  • 5 pieces of servo motors
  • Feature of independent vacuum pumping on four separate parts
  • 2D CAD CAM graphics and optimization software with easy-to-use utilization interface, specific to Özçelik Machinery.
  • Particularity of painting the material automatically
  • Particularity of automatic cutter length reset
  • External dedusting system 

Technical Data

  • Router bit
  • Vacuum pump
  • Dedusting system 


  • Category: Aluminum Division
  • Sub Category: Ozcelik
  • Sub Sub Category: Aluminum Composite Processing Assembly

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