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Thanks to its modest size, this glue spreader is suitable for bench use.
The handiness and the working adaptability, functionality and safety measures exalt even more the excellenttechnical characteristics reached. It is suitable for every type of glueing, with every type of glue, in an accurate and uniform manner.

Spreading roller covered in antiacid rubber, ground and furrowed, hard wearing, as they are built with a rational layer of rubber it is therefore possible to carry out 6-7 grindings.
It is easy and quick to disassemble.

Spreading, precise and uniform on one or both sides of the panels.

Special shock-absorbers, on the roller supports, allow the rollers an automatic opening depth, so as to spread panels of different thickness within 5 mm. they also compensate for eventualparallelism differences of the panel.

Uniform glue dosing by a rectified distribution tank, in painted sheet-metal, with very quick extraction to allow cleaning.


Collecting tank, for glue and washing water, in galvanized sheet-iron, extractable for easy cleaning.

Safety protections, in sheet metal on the rollers and glue distribution tank, a sheet metal protection prevents the introduction between the rollers of any object more than 5 mm. thick over the transit established, ensuring the maximum safety for the operator.

Electrical installation, in a waterproof case with fuses, thermal switch for motor and transformer protection.

Control panel, with starting button, stopping button and warning light (24 V).

Rollers rotation chain with self-registrable turnbuckle pinion.

Roller washing with a bored washing tube, for the water intake during this operation.

Optionals on request:
- n. 4 wheels;
- sheet metal base.


Technical Data



Working width (mm)


MAximum passage between rollers (mm)


Rollers diameter (mm)


Forwarding speed (mt/min)


Worm screw reduction gear motor (HP)


Net weight (Kg)


Overall dimensions (cm)


Overall dimensions with case or crate (cm)





  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Fin
  • Sub Sub Category: 2 Rollers Glue Spreaders

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