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Top Star-530-630


Casolin engineers and technicians developed the new TOP STAR double cylinder planer based on 3 main features:Design, Quality and Technology. The modern trapezoidal shape guarantees noise free operation while the stiffness of the base frame eliminates all vibrations. The new technological solutions adopted are the most innovative currently available for a double cylinder planer:despite the wide range of standard accessories, the price is still extremely competitive. The machine is equipped with a rocker inlet roller suspension and height-adjustable torsion bar that always entrains each piece straight and allows several pieces with small differences in thickness to be entrained at the same time. The work is supported by 4 lifting screws positioned near the 4 cormers to guarantee maximum stability and parallelism between the work table and teh shaft. The Casolin thicknessing machine is available with table working width 530 mm or 630 mm .


  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Casolin
  • Sub Sub Category: Planing

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