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Water painting booths

Independent water painting booths with recycling water with large tank and 2 frontal water curtains.

Machine basic configuration:
Modular booth structure in steel, galvanised and paint treatments.
Illumination lights and electrical control panel.
Electrical motor and air aspirator with antispark safety system installed.
Horizontal fibre glass air filters.
N. 2 frontal water curtains, one is fixed, the second is openable for an easier cleaning of the booth.
Electrical motor connected to a water pump to control the water circulation from the water tank, up to the water gutter, then, down from the frontal water curtains.

The operator will place in front of the painting booth the piece which has to be painted,
then manually, he will spray paint, facing the front water curtains.
Some of the paint will finish on the piece, some of the paint will be free in the air.
The paint which is free in the air, will be pulled by the booth, then stopped and collected by the closed water circulation located to the booth and by the horizontal fibre glass air filters.



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Tecno Azzurra
  • Sub Sub Category: Water Painting Booths