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Extractor bench for sanding dust

mod. BCA

Structure composed of thick galvanized steel panels. The support surface is also covered with scratchproof material. The special construction design of the bench allows operators to work easily well on both sides.

Air extraction is provided by a double-extraction ventilator located inside the bench, driven by an electric motor with a drive belt.

Air treatment is ensured by a filter cartridge with antistatic polyester tissue, located inside the bench.
Cleaning ensured by a manually-operated pneumatic system. When a button on the electrical panel is operated, an impulse is sent to the system, triggering the release of the quantity of air necessary for optimal filter cleaning.

If operated at regular intervals, the system described is capable of maintaining the filter units always in perfect efficiency, ensuring constant operating results of the machine, with only a minimum of servicing operations required.

All dust extracted and produced by cleaning operations is led towards specific removable containers located beneath the bench.



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Tecno Azzurra
  • Sub Sub Category: Sanding Systems