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Extractor booth for sanding dust

Extractor booth for sanding dust mod. Azzurra CPA

Structure composed of galvanized steel panels of suitable thickness, bent in presses and with non-cutting edges.

Air extraction is generated by one or more high-efficiency centrifugal electric extractors, with low noise emission and anti-sparking safety system.

Air treatment is ensured by double filtration system.
The first barrier has a special labyrinth filter that retains coarser particles. Finer dust is retained by special cartridge filters, with filter tissue in antistatic polyester. These filters are cleaned by a timer system that injects compressed air into each cartridge, thereby ensuring the perfect detachment of dust and its fall into collection containers.

Cleaning cycles are controlled by an automatic microprocessor system, capable of maintaining filter elements always in perfect efficiency, ensuring constant operating results of the machine, with only a minimum of servicing operations by the operator.

The electrical system is composed of an electrical module complete with all components necessary for correct machine operation. The front panel of the electrical box has a main switch, emergency button, start/stop buttons and a switch for lighting, provided by waterproof light fixtures in polycarbonate with high-yield fluorescent neon tubes.
All electrical cables are flame-retardant and protected by sheaths and sheath clamps.

The booth is fitted with a differential pressure switch to detect clogged filters, with visual level indicator.



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