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MOD. Azzurra DEU BOX

Box structure made of insulation panels mm. 40 thickness, with access door rolling type and inspection windows.

Side panels with opening for a closed air circulation treatment, which is controlled by a single air treating group.
The group will pull out the damp air from the box internal removing the damp from the air, heating the air, then the threated air will be put back to the box internal.
To the group internal air filters are installed, this is to neutralize air dust.



•   Reduction of the paint drying time

•   Suitable for small spaces

•   One single group for: Removing dump from the air, air heating, air cleaning.


Technical information Deu Box:

- Lenght: 3.000 mm

- Width: 2.000 mm

- Height: 2.900 mm

- Door opening speed: 1.3 mt/sec

- Illumination Light: Nr. 1 x 116 W a normativa Atex


Technical information to wither:

- Power: 316 W

- Air Humidity range: 50-90 %

- Compensation response: 80 %



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Tecno Azzurra
  • Sub Sub Category: Box For Drying Water