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Automatic suspended single rail transport lines for parts to be spray painted in a vertical position.



  • Painting booth for manual paint spraying.
  • Rail supporting structure, heavy duty single rail, carriages, plates for the hooks hanging, electrical driving motor and gear motor, mechanical speed adjustment.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • System with fixed distances between the carriage/hooks on all rail length.
  • The system can be supplied with an automatic flow coating and/or pressurised room.


Manual positioning to the hooks the parts which have to be painted, the parts driving is automatic, once the parts are in front of the painting booth, the operator manually will spray paint, facing the front wall of the booth.
Some of the paint will finish on the piece, some of the paint will be free in the air.

The paint which is free in the air, will be pulled by the booth through the air filtering systems.


  • Flow coating operation is automatic.
  • In case of double rail system, the product piling to the room/chamber is automatic.



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Tecno Azzurra
  • Sub Sub Category: Aerial Conveyors