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VENEER WASTE COMMINUTING GUILLOTINE It permits to comminute the veneer waste due to the veneer working, by cutting in small size pieces the long veneer strips. The cutting size is adjustable. Advantages: 50% reduction in veneer waste volume and therefore reduction in transport costs. Possibility to draw up the veneer waste by means of a suction device. No problem arising when feeding heating furnaces. No operator is required. No labor cost for waste removal. The two-knives system permits to reduce the sharpening operations, thanks to the uniform wearing of both knives; very simple mode to remove the knives for sharpening; lower cost of the spare knives. Lower noise level and absence of any interwisting, if compared with rotating grinding devices.


  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Casati Macchine
  • Sub Sub Category: Chopping Machine

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