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BIT 900/400 - BIT 1050/4000


This machine allows the simultaneous cross-cutting on both veneer pack sides and automatic measuring of veneer pack length. Accordingly programmed, it allows obtaining a series of packs having a submultiple length or the original one. Structure:The machine consists of two Guillotines: one fixed, at the end of the table, whilst the second guillotine can move automatically all the table long. Electronic measuring devices and a point-to-point N.C. allow to read the Guillotine movements and to program the positioning of the same. Both Guillotines are equipped with laser device, cross directed, as cutting edge light. A full stock of safety photocells avoids any approach to the machine during the cutting operation.


  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Casati Macchine
  • Sub Sub Category: Cross-Cutting Guillotine

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