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TIO-1300 / TIO-1450


HYDRAULIC CROSS-CUTTING VENEER PACK GUILLOTINES Guillotines with pressurebeam and specially designed sturdy structure demanded by the power and the speedy required when cross-cutting veneer packs. Closed frame structure. The cutting operation is controlled by push-button panel (two hands control): movable on a rotating arm. The pressure beam, driven by two hydraulic cylinders, will clamp automatically the veneer pack before the knife downward movement. Automatically, after the cutting, it will move upward. A thin green light is marking the cutting line. Two working tables, 2 meters long each, complete with scale rules, are supplied with the basic version of the machine. On request, different length working tables with scale rules can be supplied.


  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Casati Macchine
  • Sub Sub Category: Cross-Cutting Guillotine

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