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TWO-KNIVES VENEER PACK GUILLOTINE SHEAR Our hydraulic veneer pack guillotines Mod. BIG allow, with a single operation, the parallel cut of the veneer pack on both sides. The trimming of the veneer pack is carried out thanks to the simultaneous movement of the upper and lower knife: the first one is mounted on the fixed structure and the second one on the rear side of the mobile table. A large pressure beam provides clamping the veneer pack during the cutting operation and is the counter surface of the lower knife. The machine is fitted with a rear longitudinal shoulder: the distance from the lower knife is equal to the scrap and can be easily adjusted by means of a push-button on the control panel.


  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Casati Macchine
  • Sub Sub Category: Double Knife Guillotine

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