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Matrix FT


Matrix FT Matrix FT is a throughfeed NC boring machine allowing to process a work order in sequence and with zero set-up time. Matrix FT is the ideal machine for manufacturers of assembled and RTA furniture and for the complementary output of third-party manufacturers.

Technical Data

Matrix FT
Height 2200 mm / 86.6 inch
Width 4110 mm / 161.8 inch
Length 9930 mm / 390.9 inch
Panel thickness (min – max) 10-60 mm / 0.4-2.4 inch
Panel lenght (min - max) 300-3000 mm / 11.8-118.1 inch
Panel width (min-max) 70-1300 mm / 11.8-118.1 inch
Boring spindle rotation speed 8000 rpm
Electrospindle rotation speed (min-max) 24000 rpm



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Biesse
  • Sub Sub Category: Drilling

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