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S3 Brush


S3 Brush The S3 Brush version adds the possibility to also have abrasive brushing units and Spinbrush units, to the already available solutions with sanding belts, roller units, pads, superfinishing pads and longitudinal units. The brushing/sanding S3 Brush machine, thanks to the many configurations of all the working units is able to perform finishing operations on any type of product and realise specific applications such as bevelling/brushing and antiquing thanks to Spinbrush unit.

Technical Data

S3 Brush
Useful working width 1350 mm
Sanding belt dimension 2620x1380 mm
Speed of advance 3-16 m/min
Infeed motor 2,2 kW - 3 kW
Working height TM H 900
Working height 3-200 mm
Belt motors 11 kW - 37 kW
L Longitudinal brushing unit motor and diametre Ø 300-400 mm - Inverter 4 kW-7,5 kW
SpinBrush motor Inverter 4 kW
Ru-Spin motor Inverter 7,5 kW



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Biesse
  • Sub Sub Category: Calibrating & Sanding

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