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S4 The S4 series was created to address the typical needs of large-scale production. The modular concept of the projects combines the experience of the Valeria model and, with the innovations tested in S3, allows great freedom of configurations The belts length at 3250 mm, standard on this series, is the best solution for the demands of high productivity or manufacturing that affect the duration of the belts.

Technical Data

Useful working width 1350 mm
Sanding belt dimension 3250x1380 mm
Speed of advance 3-20 m/min
Infeed motor 3 kW-11 kW
Working height TM H 900
Working height 3-200 mm
Belt motors 11 kW-37 kW



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Biesse
  • Sub Sub Category: Calibrating & Sanding

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